Whether or not money is tight for you at the moment, it’s nice to feel respected when you enter an establishment. You grew up and were always taught to respect your elders, and it seems like that doesn’t always happen as much anymore, but some fine establishments are still doing a little something to show that they care about those who came before them. Senior citizen discounts can vary from store to store, state to state, so we’ve taken some time to round up the places that offer some of the more generous discounts for seniors.

How To Get a Senior citizen discount on restaurants

Many restaurants across the country offer all sorts of bonuses and discounts for senior citizens, here’s a quick rundown of them. In order to get these discounts, you simply need to meet the minimum required age. Sometimes, you’ll have to mention it but other times they’ll offer it or just apply it for you, it doesn’t hurt to ask just in case you’re looking very young on any given day, though!

Restaurants That Offer Senior Discounts in 2020

If you’re looking to spend some of your money at a restaurant this is going to appreciate your patronage, here are some establishments that offer discounts for senior citizens.

Applebee’s Senior Discount: 10-15% off

Arby’s Senior Discount: 10% off and some locations offer free drinks

Chick-fil-a Senior Discount: Some locations offer a free (non-coffee) drink

Dairy Queen Senior Discount: 10% off for seniors

Denny’s Senior Discount: 15% off for AARP membership holders

Outback Steakhouse: 10% off

Subway Senior Discount: some locations offer 10% off for people 60 or older

Grocery Stores with Senior Discounts

Need some groceries? If you visit these stores on the correct days, you may find yourself enjoying a senior’s discount on groceries. It can vary from state to state or location to location, so it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and ask before you make your big shopping trip.

American Discount Foods Senior Discount: On Mondays, seniors can save 10%

Compare Foods Senior discount: 10% on Tuesdays

Fred Meyer Senior Discount: 10% the first Tuesday of each month

Other Stores with Senior Discounts

Here are some other types of stores that will give you a discount for being a senior. These stories don’t fit inside the categories of grocery stores or restaurants.

Amtrak: Take a ride on Amtrak and save 10-15% off ticket prices

Marriott Hotel Senior Discounts: Save around 10% off your booking

AMC senior discounts: Up to 30% off ticket prices